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GALA: has a rounded shape, red skin, flesh crisp, juicy, sweetly aromatic flavor.

GOLDEN DELICIOUS: has a rounded shape, skin color yellow / gold, crisp and juicy flesh, slightly sour taste and it’s rich in fructose.

FUJI: has a rounded shape, skin pinkish-red color, crisp and juicy flesh, sweet taste and it’s rich in fructose.

MORGHENDUFT: has a slightly flattened round shape of red with green stripes. It has a firm flesh. The flesh is extra fine, creamy white.

RED DELICIOUS: hasn’t rounded shape, red skin, crisp and juicy pulp and it’s rich in fructose.

GRANNY SMITH: has constant shape, skin color deep green, large lenticels, numerous, whitish, areolate, very clear, white flesh, sometimes with greenish tinge, firm, crisp, very juicy, acidic, relatively little sweet and aromatic.


WILLIAMS BIANCO E WILLIAMS RED BARTLETT: have a smooth skin, a yellow background color more or less covered with blush pink or bright red, sometimes streaked and a sweet-spicy flavor.

ABATE: has the unmistakable elongated shape, thin skin greenish-yellow, firm pulp and very juicy, sweet and aromatic.

KAISER: has a rough skin and rusty and a fine pulp and juicy, dark and good taste.

CONFERENCE: has an irregular shape, it’s of medium or large size, it has a green skin with rusty lenticels. The flesh is white to cream-melting, sweet and aromatic.

DECANA DEL COMIZIO: has a squat shape, a light green-skinned epicarp - often yellowish colored pink in the sun and a sparse russeting. It is a pear sweet, aromatic and slightly sour.


The fruit, normally spherical, can also assume a heart shape or sphere slightly elongated. The color, usually red, can range, depending on the variety, from light yellow to red almost black. The pulp has different color and consistency depending on the variety and changes from white to red and from tender to crisp. The taste is sweet and balanced with touches of acid.


Occorrono 400 g di ciliegie ben lavate. Nel vasetto la frutta andrà posizionata in strati, ogni strato va cosparso con un cucchiaio di zucchero, qualche scorzetta di limone, cannella e chiodi di garofano limone e spezie.
In tutto vi occorreranno circa150 g di zucchero, la scorza di 1 limone, mezza stecca di cannella e 4 chiodi di garofano.
I vasi vanno riempiti con grappa a 45°, chiusi ermeticamente dopo un paio di mesi le ciliegie saranno pronte per essere consumate.